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This page contains a list of corrections to be made in the next printing of the book. If you have suggestions for changes or find errors in the text, feel free open a bug with a report of the problem, post a message in the User Notes section on the chapter pages, or send a message to the mailing list.

Note: All errors in the text and examples are shown in red and all corrections are shown in blue.


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User Notes: [?]

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[1] Submitted by: m.b.paterson on Friday September 27th 2002

example 2-1: <?xml version="1.0"?> should be <?xul version="1.0"?>

[2] Submitted by: m.b.paterson on Friday September 27th 2002

re: last note or we need a </xml> tag else mozilla 1.0 gives error XML Parsing Error: xml processing instruction not at start of external entity Location: file:///C:/My%20Documents/hello.xul Line Number 1, Column 2:<?xml version="1.0"?> -^

[3] Submitted by: re: last note on Friday September 27th 2002

also need to remove question marks from xml tag my apologies for the notefest

[4] Submitted by: Pete Collins on Saturday September 28th 2002

<?xml version="1.0"?> is the correct syntax. xul is xml without a DTD.


[5] Submitted by: Jay Hennessy on Thursday October 10th 2002

Hi, This is just a flag to say, are you reading the comments submitted on individual chapters? I emailed with the same question, but got no response.

[6] Submitted by: andreas halter on Friday October 25th 2002

p15::window properties
many methods are written with invalid caps:
eg: MoveTo should be moveTo

[7] Submitted by: andreas halter on Friday October 25th 2002

'clicking on the box...' will not set the 'clicked' attribute, but the 'checked' attribute.

[8] Submitted by: kasey castle on Tuesday November 5th 2002

Are the examples in the chapters supposed to work? I managed to get a couple in Chapter 2 to display in Mozilla, but I have batted zero in Chapter 3. I also tried the examples in your zip file download with no success.

Maybe the examples are not supposed to actually display.

[9] Submitted by: brodie on Thursday November 7th 2002

Ch8, XPCOM, p239, last line:
install:: $(TARGETS
I expect should be:
install:: $(TARGETS)

Ch8, XPCOM, p237, nsSimpleImpl::nsSimpleImpl()
Should NS_INIT_REFCNT() actually be NS_INIT_ISUPPORTS()? This is what is generated by the xpidl compiler. Why is it changed to NS_INIT_REFCNT() and which is correct/better?

[10] Submitted by: stealthboy on Thursday November 14th 2002

Please post the corrected Makefile from Example 8-15. It is incomplete! DEPTH is not defined (should be topsrcdir in line 4). And you're missing a paren at the end. Even with those minor fixes I get an error "touch: creating '/config/': No such file or directory". Didn't anyone actually try this example code before publishing? Sheesh.

[11] Submitted by: Posicionamiento en b on Sunday March 16th 2003

Hi from Spain!!

[12] Submitted by: promoción on Monday March 17th 2003

Great work

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