10. Acknowledgments

This book was made possible by the help and contributions of many different people. Laurie Petrycki and Paula Ferguson are the editors at O'Reilly who helped create and shape this book. Their guidance and feedback has been crucial throughout this entire process. We would also like to thank Ann Schirmer, Mary Brady, Betsy Waliszewski, and David Chu at O'Reilly for their work on helping to create and promote this book.

Many other people have contributed their suggestions, ideas, and feedback, including Martin Kutschker, Andreas Otte, Andy Edmonds, Mike Potter, Chris Waterson, Mark Murphy, Pavol Vaskovic, Andrew Wooldridge, Doug Turner, Tao Cheng, Michael Ang, Neil Rashbrook, Rob Ginda, Steve Rudman, Kathleen Brade, Zach Lipton, Cameron Barrett, Chiko Chow, Jan Varga, Axel Hecht, David Ascher, Michael Gannon, David McNamara, Mark Hammond, Gary Frederick, and Andreas Halter.

Several Mozilla application developers have allowed us to use their projects in the book as examples. We would like to thank Rob Ginda for allowing us to feature his IRC client ChatZilla, his JavaScript Debugger Venkman and his XULKit development tools, David Gillen for his Snake game, Neil Rashbrook for his XULMine game, Andy Edmonds and Pavol Vaskovic for the Optimoz and Mouse Gestures projects, Henrik Lynggaard for MozillaTranslator, David Hyatt and Mike Pinkerton for the Camino browser, and Gervase Markham for letting us reference Patch Maker.

We would like to thank Joshua Lerner, who helped with the creation of the book's original plans and also helped as a reviewer (Joshua and Kerry Fitzpatrick also let a couple of their employees at Alphanumerica work on Mozilla projects during their day job and funded the first Mozilla Developer Conference). We would like to thank Julia Kleyman for creating several of the illustrations used throughout the book, including the xFly logo (not to mention the FruityGum skin). Thanks also to Eoin Campbell for supporting Mozilla developers and having the vision to use Mozilla for application development from its very early days.

We would also like to thank the people who have supported us during the time this book was written, including Kim Steckler, Rachel Oeschger, Marjana Molan, Lia Molan King, and Priscilla, Dylan, and Devon Collins.